Friday, April 15th, 2016

Free Calendar spread Options trade

There are many ways to skin a cat. Some option traders take no sides, they chose to fight battles they can win and win by a great probability on their side. Why risk money on directional trades like buying stock? Buying stocks is inherent with downside risk and one mistake and it all ends in losses. You have seen that how that goes.

This has been a tough year for most professional traders and Hedge Funds and market makers. The economy has sucked wind since gas prices went up and the market and SP500 hasn’t recovered since. Of course it has been a terrible year for traders. Most Hedgies have lost their shirts, and are sitting on a linoleum floor drinking cheap wine.

But there are some people who are still doing well and making money and they are not mentioned much. These pools of secrecy always thrive in bad times. Its all some “Secret” everything is kept under a cloak of secrecy and covered up. But what I am going to show you is nothing new but very viable.

Its a FREE trade that anyone look at and understand how things works in the options world. I have traded this one. Only the top option players undertake these trades. Dan Sheridan of CBOE fame and Sheridan mentoring, whom I highly respect is a big fan of calendar spreads. He loves these delta neutral, low risk trades,

So as the year ends, here is my New years gift, a free trade for everyone who can reach this web page.

Options are risky and not for everyone. Here is an income trade and it can be done on any commodity, asset but the concept is the same. It does not works in volatile markets. If you like how this can be done again, please click the button below and join our premium service till the end of the year 2011 when I close the doors down.


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