Monday, January 22nd, 2018

How can I get a job in any stock trading company?

? C? Mo I can get a job in any stock trading company?

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2 Responses to “How can I get a job in any stock trading company?”
  1. ? says:

    Send all company’s your resume. Then plan on working your butt off night and day for several years. They are the greatest sales people in the world and most are con artists but they make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. One should be honest to work for these company’s for many of them are less than honest. Go to work for one of them and see how you like it. If you love people you will love selling.

  2. The Old Guy says:

    What type of trading?
    What city do you want to work in
    What type of job are you looking for
    What is your education
    What is your experience

    You could just send you resume to every major brokerage firm, but unless you give more specifics, you’ll never get a job and if you want a decent response here on YA you should provide more specifics

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