Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

How can I turn £2500 into £200,000 between now and May?

I have knowledge of the property and the mortgage market and has some skills of stock trading, stocks, and options. I am looking for a specific strategy that has a high chance of success for this type of return. I can afford to lose £ 2,500, but I really want to hit the £ 200,000 target on time.

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8 Responses to “How can I turn £2500 into £200,000 between now and May?”
  1. Vinny says:

    Yes tell me also. I also have £2500. I can also afford to loose.

  2. Jose V says:

    you can get the hook up with a drug lord and pay him for that amount of drugs and sell it for a higher price, but thats illegal in most countries so dont do it you can gamble but you have to be extremely lucky

  3. SuznAz says:

    ROTFLMAO I think there’s a guy in Nigeria who needs some help getting money out of the country. Check your email.

  4. The Patch says:

    not legally!

  5. CramerFan says:

    it is really easy sell heroine, seriously that is just bollocks, if anyone knew how to do that do you really think they would be on yahoo answers telling their secret?

  6. Edmonton says:

    I am not an investment expert but I don’t think your expectation are realistic. Anyone telling you can get this kind of return in 4 months is either fraudalant or illegal.

  7. billsfreak says:

    I did it and I doubled my money, you just have to be into sports . They usually pick around 75% correct against the spread. Just a suggestion…

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