Friday, March 10th, 2017

How did the stock trading work in the old days when there were no computers?

Like today in d? To have computers that we use to order and give the command to execute orders at any given time, most? To the times in vivo. “C” it works in the d? A such as a? Years 1930 and 1940?


3 Responses to “How did the stock trading work in the old days when there were no computers?”
  1. Spanki says:

    The way they do cattle auctions in the midwest. sight and sound by live people.

  2. Daniel S says:

    Alexander Graham Bell did the stock market a great favor with his invention. Most trades were placed over the phone with some sent in through the mail. Still others were made orally during trading hours.

  3. Lake Lover says:

    Aliciaeg04 ‘s recommendation that you read “Reminescences of a stock operator” is the best advice! It is a fascinating book about a big time trader!

    Just for general knowledge, I can remember in the late 50’s when a clerk in the stock broker office wrote prices of major trading stocks on a blackboard, with chalk! Traders sat in chairs watching him chalk in the latest prices, And that is not so long ago. There was a ticker tape which printed news on a long narrow strip of paper which came off a big roll and passed over a printer. Traders jumped up and ran to see what the news was as the tape clacked away. FUN! I would order a broker to buy 10 shares of something, and sometimes not get a report back for hours! Not like the 5 second execution on a market order today.

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