Friday, February 10th, 2017

How did Warren Buffett beat the market in the 1950s?

Everyone says that Buffett is a “buy and hold” investors and that their favorite holding period is “forever.” But I know for a fact that when you beat the pants market in the 1950s, was primarily commercial. . . and even said that commodities traded options. Does anyone know what is your strategy? Thanks!

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2 Responses to “How did Warren Buffett beat the market in the 1950s?”
  1. brodis36 says:

    Where did you hear this? Warren Buffet has never traded commodities options. After reading his personally endorsed biography, I discovered his strategy was to buy undervalued companies, based on fundamental analysis. Market inefficiencies were more common then, and through careful calculations and analysis he was able to see which companies were most under priced relative to their earnings and book value.

    I would be very interested in discovering where you heard he was trading… In the CNBC interview with Buffett which aired last year, he said he was unable to predict short term price swings and therefore never tried.

  2. - - - - - - - - - ¤ - ???- ¤ - says:

    where did you hear this??

    Warren Buffet:

    Made it big in the 70’s
    Didn’t trade commodities
    Didn’t trade (dude, it’s an insult to some hardcore traders who disassociate themselves from anyone close to investing)

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