Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

How do I choose a forex robot?

I am looking at purchasing a robot but want to know how to sort the rubbish out from the good. I am currently looking at forex megadroid, Poison robot, Pips Leader. Any suggestions, has anyone tried these robots with success.

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8 Responses to “How do I choose a forex robot?”
  1. bestimtools says:

    Do the demo testing for several candidates.

    Do not hurry up to make a decision. Robot needs to be tested on demo for at least 3-4 weeks, before you can start trading any real money.

    You need to see how nicely the robot over the long period of time, because the currency market today in very rough and robots can fail to catch this move.

    P. S. Plus, broker can give you a wrong price quote, the robot is not a human being and cannot workout this “disaster”, whereas a human trader will settle that issue.

    Better think about Forex management account service. This is where a real trader watches manages the money, not robot.

    Read this Forex investment anti scam guide in the blog post here:
    http://www. forexmoneymanager. com/forex-managed-accounts-anti-scam-guide/

  2. VacuumRobot.com.au says:

    I f? Or robots of foreign exchange. . the people who sell est? making money from selling them. . possibly hundreds of thousands per year! or really do not have to trade, because they can not lose money from the sale of this software – is located so you risk-free for members ellos.Y est selling them? n making commission? No 50% om? s. . everyone est? making money. . not in the negotiation? No, but the sale of these softwares, because they have no ning? No risk implican.Por So think what he is? s doing. . Are you the fool? The robot s? The conf? Or is my vac? Or Robot, no conf? Or other robots.

  3. rruiql u says:

    Hello, my name is Phil Poland. I have been in Forex for more than five years and, literally, it happened more than ten thousands to buy diverse systems of the currency. It has more than 300 AE is available in the market. a pile of big drum also influenced demonstration tests and the promises have been done by the developers. Selection of the robot of the quality can be a discouraging task. When I began to investigate and to use these programs of different software, I realized something surprising. Just a few I teach the test that it was easy and more important still, than work! For more information: http://reviews1st. com/ForexRobots

  4. sam says:

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  5. Jayson says:

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  6. fx says:

    Trust me, no robots and beat the market on the long run.

  7. Bob says:

    Hello! As student of the university I have had problems to find some ways to do something of free cash, knowing that he did not have much to invest initially. After reading a pile of commentaries of things that really did not believe, I was with some of robots seemed more promising to me. I realized that would be a great disadvantage in stock-market only by the instinct instead of real calculations that others were using. I found one that seemed most authorized http://www. forexmegadroidsoftware. comRazones by which it was chosen: The developers had more than 35 years of experience comercialCapacidad to adapt to any condition of market-This seems to be the unique characteristic realLas claims of more of a 300% the gains of mesDespués to review the systems that I could find, I have bought this. I only had 1000 dollars to invest, but it tried anyway. Sincerely, not to obtain a benefit of 300%, but to increase my $ 1000 to $ 2300 little ~ in less than a month. I would say that it is quite good. Perhaps the biggest investments could have majors gains, I do not know it. I was with losses, but no was more than $ 55.Sólo my honest examination, I hope that him here aid in its decisions.

  8. Spock (rhp) says:

    to cling to its wallet. why somebody that really could do what they say to be arranged to sell its system? to calculate how much it would be possible to be done executing its system during a pair of years and being simply very, very calm.

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