Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

how do i learn to invest by using a mock stock trading site?

im based in? Africa, but we love? to start investing on the high seas once im done with college and have a stable income. I’m trying to learn as m? s I can. im new to the investment? No stock exchange, but very interested. I learned about these sites mock stock trading, “C” mo I can go on using those to hone my skills of investors? n? alg? No other additional tips to be? very apreciada.gracias


3 Responses to “how do i learn to invest by using a mock stock trading site?”
  1. mrwonderfull says:

    try yahoo i use to remember they had a mock stock i think it in the finance section

  2. Kenny says:

    Yes, the best way to learn is to try virtual trading first. Read books on the subject but nothing beats hands on experience, it is the quickest way to learn and it is free….best of all any losses are only on paper.

    WSS is one of the best ones with ‘real time trading’ and a very user friendly site where you can get news, analysis and free tutorials.

  3. Barry789 says:

    Think of these sites as a golden opportunity to try a lot of different strategies without any risk.

    First, investigate several companies in different industries. Here in the US, I would start with some of the companies in the Dow Jones 30. Learn what they do, how their business is doing, how their prospects relate to the economy. This allows you to get an idea of the frame work within which you will be operating and the raw material you will be working with.

    Look at the company charts and compare them. Compare the companies to the broad market and with their own industries. This gives you a bit or exposure to the sense of relative value.

    Set up two or three techniques for investing or trading. One could be short term gain — trade for a point or two, then get out.

    Another could be long/short balanced within an industry — long stock XXX, short stock YYY, two stocks in the same different industries, but with different charts or prospects.

    Another could be momentum trading — hop on a rising stock, sell when it appears to have topped out.

    In each case, you can subdivide the strategies by having different loss-limiting rules.

    In any case, you can explore many different methods of working with stocks and trading.

    If you are smart, you’ll soon realize that exit strategies are probably more important than entrance strategies. It’s a lot like warfare: Amateurs talk about battles, professionals talk about logistics. IN investing, professionals know that when things turn sour, the first loss is the best loss. Let your winners ride and sell your losers. That is the hardest lesson for amateurs to learn, because that is tied in with ego and self-image.

    In the final analysis, trading is a mind game.

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