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How do you start a stock trading business?

I’m looking to start a trading business. I was just a maybe someone else. ? You must be a business on d? A trade, or may have long-term holdings? C? Mo many trades do you have to trade, and cu? Much does it cost? “D” nde in trade, electronic commerce? Unique, Ameritrade or another brokerage firm? Please be as m? S spec? Traffic as possible, wanting gracias.Estoy trade stocks, you know on the NYSE.


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  1. msc says:

    You need experience trading your own money before you can hope to trade for other people. Most traders lose money, especially when they’re new. If you jump into trading other people’s money too soon, and you lose, you’ll destroy your credibility and hurt your future chances of success. People have been driven to suicide that way, too. Ideally, you should have a 3 year record of profitable trading, before you start soliciting investors.

    First, I recommend reading everything you can about investing and trading at your local bookstore. Then, if you don’t have enough money of your own, maybe you have some family members who could loan you up to $10,000 with the understanding that it may be lost.

    When you’re ready, you’ll need to consult with an accountant or lawyer as to how to structure your business. You may need to register with the SEC, and you may need to obtain a broker’s license.

    To answer your other questions, E-Trade, Scottrade, and AmeriTrade are all good brokers, charging $7 to $13 per trade. You can day trade if you maintain a minimum $25,000 balance. But professional money managers are expected to have mostly long-term holdings. In the stock market, holding trades for at least 30 days is usually the most profitable. But it depends on the trader.

    I wish you the best of luck. Trading is a difficult business, but it can be done with years of study and experience, and a lot of patience.

  2. stock_chartman says:

    Based on your question, you should not start a trading business until you have experience with trading. Becoming a good trader can take years. Once you have some experience, you can tell if you have the right stuff by the size of your trading account. I tell new traders, if they still have money left after 2 years, then they’re on their way. It’s a lot to learn.

    I am a financial publisher as well as a professional trader. I run a site called where we offer an ecourse called ‘stock trading secrets’ which covers the basics.

    We also offer complimentary access to our live chat room with a subscription to any of our services. It’s a nice community of traders whose primary goal is to make money during the day.

    Email me if you need more information.

  3. diane Catherine says:

    Cheq out this

  4. free intradaytips says:

    When you start off with a solid base of information and when you know precisely how much you stand to gain and what you are risking if you lose, you will find that accounting for your expenses is going to be child’s play. While going into this profession without training or good basic information can be dangerous, you will find that having the right information behind you can go a long way.

    Rewards whether you want to supplement your income or to replace it entirely, you will find that this is completely possible with E-minis and the trading of such. Many people are unaware of the stresses that they encounter in their work places and during their commutes.

    Have you ever thought about how much more time you would get to spend with your family and your friends if you were able to work from home? Think about being able to do that to make more than 800 dollars USD every day! It is possible, so make sure that you consider what this could mean to your life.
    Make sure that the life that you want is not slipping through your grasp.

    There are many things that you can do when you are looking at moving forward with the life that you want, so remember to consider this important opportunity. It could very well make all the difference for you. How To Start A Stock Trading Business

  5. free stocktips says:

    Want to make some extra income during these tough times? Of course you do. The question is: how? Starting your own Online Forex Trading Business can prove to be a relatively easy but extremely lucrative venture!

    Having a basic knowledge of Forex and trading is a good start, however it is not absolutely necessary for starting your own online business. Let me explain why. There are many Automated Forex Trading Systems out there which can do the work for you! Since the currency markets are already so driven by computers, it is possible to utilize these computer-based systems to make many small, but profitable trades. If you buy an piece of automated trading software for your online Forex business, it will know how to read into the pulse of the market and thereby when to buy and sell. Many times, all you have to do is set it and forget it! Starting A Stock Trading Business

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