Sunday, November 5th, 2017

How much does the stock exchange make per share trading stock .?

Million shares traded each day? To the New York Stock Exchange. “C” it work sharing benefits of doing this, draw a certain amount per share? N? See the television? N a d? To the negotiation? N in the New York Stock Exchange sees hundreds of people waving and shouting, raising small pieces of paper? Qu? is this role? ? Qui? Tions are these people and c? Mo get paid?

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2 Responses to “How much does the stock exchange make per share trading stock .?”
  1. raysor says:

    Good question! They would get fees from participating members. They get money from dissemination of market data. Must be more but I don’t know!

  2. Gilbe-BN says:

    Stockbrokers buy low, sell high, and pocket the difference as their income/earnings/profits. They have an advantage being on “the floor” and being the first ones to see and set new prices, and try to outsmart or fool the other traders. No set mark-up/price per share. I think the pieces of paper contain their bid price for a certain number of shares of a given stock which they wave to get acknowledged and in on the action. You would think they would use computers ….

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