Friday, April 15th, 2016

How much safer is stock trading compared to forex trading?

im forex Convinced That is pretty much gambling. Its Too risky. Are stocks any better?


7 Responses to “How much safer is stock trading compared to forex trading?”
  1. Mike says:

    If you pick reasonable stocks, you can possibly lose 30%-50% if the market goes into a dive again over a several month period.

    If you trade on forex, you can lose all your money within minutes on one bad decision..

  2. Caveat Emptor says:

    “Trading” is never safe; but forex is indeed just gambling. Those forex “trading system” ads are pure scams.

  3. Paul E says:

    Shares or stocks are more stable then Forex, generally speaking the price of stocks rise over time. so systems can be tailored this way,

    The big difference with forex is that currency doesnt acctually rise or fall in a stable way, so expecting overall growth isnt the way to invest in forex. But at the same time a person makes money in BOTH directions.

    Without a great deal of understanding in forex i would tell you to stick to stocks, but dont forget that stocks can make you lose money just as easily without education.

  4. sunray says:

    Profitable thing should have risk. Not sure about stocks But need some pleasant mindset to trade or stocks. i read an article from …

  5. Roby Camen says:

    here you can find a list best forex trading platforms that most traders use
    good luck

    fx trader(since 2000)

  6. Optiontrader says:

    Yes, history shows that stocks have alot less volatility than Forex. There are two reasons for this assumption:

    Reason one: Stocks require alot less margin than trading Forex. Margin is the amount of money that you borrow from your broker for owning a certain position, either long or short the underlying asset. With Forex, the margin can be as great as 1:100. With stock, the maximum amount of margin to open a new position is 1:1 or 50%. Therefore, the greater the margin, the less the price has to move to affect your total cash position since the money you borrowed never really gets affected by the price.

    Reason two: Volatility. History has shown that the Forex markets tend to have much greater volatility than the stock market, in fact, much greater than any other market in the world. This volatility combined with the margin requirements could make you get rich quick as well as loose your entire investment quick. It simply depends on if various points of data are either good or bad, and it doesn’t matter if it is good for the currency you are long or short in at all.

    Personally, I haven’t had much luck in the Forex market, but have had great success in the stock and options market. I have read many articles about people making money in the Forex market, but for me, I just can’t do it. I guess it really depends on the trader.

    If you want to try trading with practice money, the best place to do this that I have found is

  7. ChampDog says:

    In general Forex is a lot more riskier than stock trading assuming you do enough research on the company stock that you plan to invest. However, stock trading can be as risky as Forex trading if you don’t do enough homework. There are also a lot of Forex scam out there as compared to stock. :)

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