Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

How much would someone pay for a subscription to a stock trading website?

I have been developing a negotiation strategy? N in the? Last 6 months. As of today, 11/12/2008, the average winning trade is 92% and the winning trades, the average gain is 5. 97% between 1-5 days they. If this strategy were used in the course of a year you, the portfolio of an individual who m? S triple. I’ll start a website in the months pr? Ximos for people to subscribe to my selections. No s? cu? nt charge. Ideas?


One Response to “How much would someone pay for a subscription to a stock trading website?”
  1. Randy H says:

    You may want to look at Collective2:


    People can subscribe to your system there and you have a number of ways you can charge. One advantage of using them is that you have an independent auditor of your results. Another is that they do all of the billing for you.

    Unfortunately, not free.

    But even if you decide not to use them, you can still get some idea of what other people are charging for their methods — while seeing what kinds of results they are generating for those charges.

    P.S. I hope by “developing a trading strategy for the last 6 months”, you don’t mean you’ve been tweaking historical data to generate those results. There have been a few systems on Collective2 that looked great in their presentation of backtest results, but failed miserably going forward.

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