Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

How to avoid being ripped off by forex brokers

forextradingseminar.com Is your broker your business partner or your enemy in financial warfare

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10 Responses to “How to avoid being ripped off by forex brokers”
  1. birchmanllc says:

    Thanks for the list of recommended brokers.

  2. toddg999 says:

    I’m curious why wouldn’t you do business with Oanda?

  3. sysopkc says:

    I have been appoached by factoryclick a division of bancard financial. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with them

  4. tradeartist says:

    In general, if you have to ask if anyone has all or? Do a business is a good sign that I can? Unless the extraordinary choice to invest their capital. ? Cu? Nts Forex brokers have gone out of business in? Last 2 years? ? Why? atra people? assumes that no one has the corridors or “do talk?

  5. mrhowardb says:

    Wow. someone honest direct advice in this industry. Thanks for the video and keep pr? Ximos.

  6. blackberryjuice1 says:

    What’s your opinion of FX Solutions?

  7. georgemargaris says:

    please can you explain what you think that you are bad with OANDA?

  8. tradeartist says:

    @ GeorgemargarisEn about Oanda, there is nothing spec? Traffic on that corridor. It’s a personal preference and it seems that is the ep? Take a retail “game” type of runner. but many people seem to like

  9. tradeartist says:

    @ Blackberryjuice1? FX Solutions seems to be a company s? Outlet of what I or? Do. They are good for beginners because of their high leverage and low m accounts? Minimum. However, their interest rates? S are m? S two-fold increase in the negative as positive. I think not bad, but I prefer the corridors outside the U.S. FX Solutions est? opening in the UK I hear

  10. gizmobozz says:

    I am using FXCM, in the first week seems to be very good, then? S met me? with a 140 pips profit in 2 days they (USD / JPY) my mind started? p serious? losses. . . I think they are up n deceitful Ando. . . Of course I am in Japan? Ny I have a connection? N fiber? Optical very r? Ask. . . My strategy works, but I think they are up n deceitful Ando. . .

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