Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

How to AVOID the New Trader “Cycle of Doom”

Every new trader – whether futures trading, forex trading, or stock trading, goes through this or a version of this cycle. If the best traders in the world interviewed say that 90% of trading is psychology and emotions, why are the SYSTEMS the first thing focused on?


10 Responses to “How to AVOID the New Trader “Cycle of Doom””
  1. MarketMinuteTV says:

    Great Great video Michael! As always you are on point!

  2. DayTradersWin says:

    Ran accross your video – friend and subscribe for wealth building videos – day trader, day trading, day trade

  3. charlie3273 says:

    Awesome video it is 100% correct ! It is all mental a must view for all forex traders !

  4. princefxable says:

    100% correct, I kept chnaging Indicators constantly, only to find that it wasn’t the indicators that make you a profitable trader. It’s your state of mind. Yes you need to know the basics, once you know technical analysis or fundamental analysis, that does not equate to profitability. After almost 2 years I came to realise what was missing was accepting that anything can happen, it’s about accepting probability. Have a strategy and never change it.

  5. validbiz says:

    100% RIGHT!!! I did exactly what you stated in that order when I first started trading, took almost 2 1/2 yrs of loosing before I broke the routine and realized I had to overcome myself only then did I begin winning, under standing trading PSYCHOLOGY is 90% of becoming a profitable trader.

  6. MrKudos99 says:

    awesome, i guess this cycle is always with us, trade changing insight ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. shannonvandy says:

    i think trading is for me…..iv had a brokerage account for some time and have made all the typical mistakes …however …one day i was haveing a bad day in my personal life then i looked at my account and i had made a good bit of money and i was so happy all the troubles i had that day melted away……..latter that night i relized …this is bad i cant be a good trader and feel this way….great vid thanks

  8. Mike3gdc says:

    hey Michael,AWESOME ,you ve done fantastic …trading IS PSYCHOLOGY …thanks

  9. DMTV says:

    Man I would love to do a class with you

  10. m1nglis says:

    Thanks very much for the video submission. As a new trader who is still doing a lot of learning/exploring and only a little trading, it is helpful to have this aspect of trading continually emphasized.

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