Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

How to Become One of the 5% of Forex Traders Who Win

forextradingseminar.com About 95% of people in the Forex industry will try to skip this simple step. Some will even scoff at this step because it has nothing to do with technical analysis or indicators. But a few people will put this into practice and immediately see the results. Are you ready to become one of the few who consistently win in Forex trading?

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10 Responses to “How to Become One of the 5% of Forex Traders Who Win”
  1. stupidrupert says:

    thank u great advice, I have 19 and I’m really interestedon forex and have started my own training

  2. kushmanbrothers says:

    Very informative.

  3. justplayman says:

    Awsome. brorha. Pedà Yur course. ÂThere is oÃdo to already speak of macx and INSIDER CODE? I have used macx course to learn cà ³ mo to negotiate and to retire at the end of my work. …. I cannot hope ta to añadir técnicas Yur, también! Sé of its its course. that you know exactly what Yur fights of talkin ' …. and you have testimonies for already of return. Peirr is. … it says everything to it.

  4. justplayman says:


  5. aj1481o says:

    Good Stuff Keep it Up :-)

  6. blackscorpion2900 says:

    Great video, very inspiring. . . will checkout site, does it have a members area where trainees and or those using the methods can discuss issues etc. ?

  7. zwotb says:

    Thanks for his comprensi

  8. tradeartist says:

    Wow! Its known good fact is the result of a reality different from all the people who have benefitted from the work of Kiyosaki. I have benefitted from its books and también they have done much people who are by qué are so many sold copies. The main thing to consider is that the reality of a person is very different from another one.

  9. tradeartist says:

    I see the same thing right here all the time. Many people see these videos and say, “he is trying to sell something” others apply the methods and get 50% increase in captial per month.

  10. visiocomb says:

    blimey, for once there’s some truth in this video!! I was one of the 95% for 4 years and have been one of the 5% for the last 5 years. . . .

    took me 8 hours / 3 days a week and never doubting this is what i wanted to do for a living, no such thing as an easy living (however earnings so far TODAY are +£1,000 with £600 locked in / risk free. . also known as a trailing stop). .

    want it enough & try hard enough, you can win through (** IF ** you take responsability for your own trading actions)

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