Thursday, November 16th, 2017

How to buy AAPL cheap-Free Trade

Apple has been on tear. Literally it tore from a base in March  around 80 and ran up to 170 as of yesterday. That is a 90 point gain in just under 6 months. Those of you who played AAPL earnings and held AAPL throughout its upward trajectory into the right hand side of the chart must be sitting pretty good today. Some of us weren’t so lucky and never caught the  move.  This stock has lot more room to run and should touch 200 in near future.

Friday AAPL will unveil Snow Leopard and that will be another sensation for the Apple lovers. Steve Jobs has been working hard since June and is focused to make this product work and succeed. Here is a chance for you to buy AAPL cheap, or at least try buying it cheap. If you fail the worst can happen you will earn a decent income trying. Take a look at the chart.

Sell AAPL 3 September 160 puts = $2.00 or the current price
Margin $9,000 Approx

IF $AAPL drops below 160 by Sept expiration you will be put the stock. Your cost of purchase would be 158 and that is a price many would love to own it.  Despite a bullish uptick early this morning stock did not pull back hard and finished flat.


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