Saturday, April 11th, 2015

How To Pick A Penny Stock To Trade How to pick a penny stock to trade is a short video that introduces you to penny stock investing. Penny stocks are risky, so you need to conduct research on your trades, and aggressively manage your portfolio. Always take profits when you can, and try not to get too greedy. Penny stock trading works best when you know the company you are trading in, and when you use a reliable alert or trading robot system.


4 Responses to “How To Pick A Penny Stock To Trade”
  1. ssthao says:

    thanks for the free education. I visited pink sheets but was routed to otc markets. Looks like it’s been changed.

  2. joe18370 says:

    if its under 1.00 $, DO YOU HAVE TO PAY A FEE ,for scottrade

  3. diablopictures says:

    these tips were really helpful!!! THANKS!!!

  4. robandbig69y says:

    there are penny stocks on the nasdaq to

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