Sunday, June 26th, 2016

How to Trade the Opening Bell Nasdaq Pre Market Gainers & Losers How to Trade the Opening Bell Nasdaq Premarket Gains & Losers. The gap down list on the nasdaq. Netflix NFLX is down another $1. Google (GOOG) is gapping down slightly. We’re going into an earnings season. The bull vs the bear in premarket trading analysis. You will trade the bull against the bear throughout the trading day based on intraday volatility. VIX and VXN will play a role in today’s trading and we’ll be monitoring volatility in today’s trading action. When your trading platform notifies you that we’ve put in the lows, get net long equities and execute your stock trades quickly. There is a lot of economic data coming out this week. ADP numbers and unemployment numbers will play a major role in the stock market trading activity. The call and put side of these markets are still imbalanced. Equities need to drop in order for a more balanced put ratio. Many trades have gone too far too fast. You need to start short selling once you notice we’ve put in the intraday topping patterns on your trading platform. If the technology stocks start trading lower and breaking key support levels we’ll be short selling and moving into these selected names. We’ll set stock alerts on Netflix and the S&P 500 Index Options as well as put options on individual stocks. We’ll be gaging the first 15 minutes of trading on over-the-counter stocks. Long term trend trading analysis of global economic trends was done on another video yesterday. SMF MMT Traders will be


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    @eatfish97 thanks for watching, we’ll be trying to get these opening bell trading videos out every day so make sure you subscribe!

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    That is great home work assignment thank

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