Thursday, August 25th, 2016

How we make money ? See yourself.

Last 2 weeks we publicly posted few free trades on this site. There was a reason for that. A very simple reason indeed. How much money our trades make? Whats our trading record? We decided to do it publicly, and we can now show you, how its done.  Check the prices than and now as of today’s close June 11, 2009.

You can scroll down and see those free stock option trades. That is BTW not an optimal way to trade, but for the sake of simplicity if you took those FREE trades, how much money you would be making right now ?   These trades were not posted in members area. Here is the re-cap with today prices.

DATE          STOCK        STRATEGY     QTY     ENTRY PRICE      PRICE      DATE       PROFIT

5/30/09    BA Put sale  Naked put     10      0.75 credit        0.20      6/11/09  0.55 = $550

Profit 550/ Margin  3950  =  13.9%

5/20/09   IWM          Calendar            10      1.43 debit      1.86     6/11/09     0.43 = $433  

 Profit 433 / Debit 1430     =  30.3%     

This was a  IWM  Calendar spread that was a debit to the account. I have closed it.

So  here you would be making $550+$433= $983 in just about 20 days time. These are the type of trades that we post in members area and make consistent monthly income. I have omitted commission costs since they differ on various accounts.

Have a portfolio approach. There are 4-6 income trade posted in members area, and if you are wondering what to make of it, and how to make money, please join us and start making consistent monthly income. Click here to subscribe today.

Powerful ideas powerful results.




2 Responses to “How we make money ? See yourself.”
  1. I am searching for strategies that the home trader can use, and the views on your site help with this. We can read about various simple and complex options strategies, but is it realistic for the home trader to attempt these? Do the available trading platforms allow complex multi-part trades for this kind of investor?

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