Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

HTC – Touch HD – prikaz programa za trgovanje na valutnem trgu – FOREX

HTC pametni telefoni nudijo možnost inštalacije dodatne programske opreme. V tem posnetku bo prikazano delovanje programa za trgovanje na valutnem trgu – FOREX.

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7 Responses to “HTC – Touch HD – prikaz programa za trgovanje na valutnem trgu – FOREX”
  1. sujajajjaakakajjs says:

    nice, do you think it is possible to use Oanda on HTC HD?

  2. CHSdoo says:

    I cannot find any informacià ³ n that supports TM for Windows Mobile. Pregúnteles if the support of the system of Windows Mobile for its platform.

  3. liyboviz says:


    Is it possible to draw fiboancci levels ?

  4. CHSdoo says:

    You can draw Fibonacci retracements.

  5. lambomcd says:

    please tell me from what site ( broker ) did you download the metatrader mobile. thank you .

  6. MultiNbaman says:

    hello can you add other custom indicators?thanks

  7. wojtastube says:

    There is the possibility to turn the phone and has a broader charter?

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