Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

I hate stocks wall street trading me

don’t forget to take profits


9 Responses to “I hate stocks wall street trading me”
  1. THANOS43 says:

    give me a few months to put it all together. tits just for tits sake can be found anywhere

  2. cybertrader69 says:

    no tities NO SIGN UP!!!!

  3. cybertrader69 says:

    i told u to ss oil fool

  4. cybertrader69 says:

    wheres my hot curling iron?

  5. Verticalmule says:

    put like 4-5 grand into qmnm, should be going into production this week.

  6. nroth314 says:

    can’t wait to subscribe to the embrace the horror all day show.

  7. JimmerSD says:

    Wow 777 subs on 778 that is cool. Numerology at work Krull. Today will be your day

  8. badumpy says:

    she likes to look at herself…and looking so cute as she does…who can blame her? ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. rubantin says:

    yeah.. thats good and all… BUT can ya FEEL it?… I mean do you become one with your charts…FEEL THE PAIN!!! thats what I’m talkin about…lol

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