Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

I want to start stock trading and I think I have the tools I need Except for the firms what is the best trade?

? Cu? L is the best to use, for starters. And in the same note what the pros and cons of the king of trade, commerce against Scotts or any other FOR A BEGINNER today signed anything.


3 Responses to “I want to start stock trading and I think I have the tools I need Except for the firms what is the best trade?”
  1. A nobody says:

    All major brokerage firms provide their clients with on-line services, including trading platforms, latest market & financial news and research.

    Customer need to select the site that is best for them. Traders have requirements in a site, while investors have other requirements. I use Scottrade for trading equities, Thinkorswim for trading options and Fidelity for investments.

    Although most sites are geared to general securities and commodities, however customers may have special needs for the types of products they trade, and the markets in which they trade.

    It seems that the most popular firms for on-line investing all of which provide excellent platforms and services are; Scottrade; Chas.Schwab; TDAmeritrade; Fidelity; E-Trade and Thinkorswim. I personally use Scottrade for equity trading, Thinkorswim for my option trading and Fidelity for investing.

    Please remember, the cheapest is not always the best.

  2. Doctor Deth says:

    brokers are brokers – go by what selection of stocks and ETF’s they have and how much they charge per trade and how quickly you get access to your money after selling – might be 3 days until you can reinvest money from a stock sale – at least fro awhile – I use Sharebuilder and at after about 9-10 months, I didn’t have to wait 3 days anymore to reinvest – not sure if it is time, or number of trades, or something else

  3. fsfa says:

    I like Tradestation

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