Thursday, November 16th, 2017

I was wondering about options trading. How much can you make on a weekly basis trading the QQQQ with $10,000?

Has anyone used better system for offices with Darlene Nelson strategies? What was your experience?

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4 Responses to “I was wondering about options trading. How much can you make on a weekly basis trading the QQQQ with $10,000?”
  1. Imjustasking says:

    If you want to really make some money, you need to trade the futures markets. The options work the same way, except the leverage is much greater. Maybe 10x.

    In the case of your question, you would trade the Nasdaq 100 Index futures contract.

    Check out some commodity brokerage firms online (ie: Lind Waldock, Interactive Brokers, Express Trade). Also is a good info source.

  2. Houyhnhnm says:

    If you can call the direction of the Cubes correctly 70% of the time for your target time period and leverage aggressively, you can double your money every few weeks or months. That’s a huge if, because in options trading no movement, or even a small movement your way, counts as a loss. I doubt if anyone can consistently predict the Cubes 70% of the time over 400 or 500 time periods, but if you can then options are the way to go.

    If you’re trading the actual Cubes you can do well with just 60% correct calls if your money management system is good, but the extra leverage of options comes at a huge price. For starters, the spreads are terrible, especially if you go deep in the money. Worse, if your ETF does nothing for a week or a month you haven’t lost anything, but if you have an option on the ETF and the ETF does nothing, you will lose about 10% to 100%, depending on how aggressively you leverage.

    If you take a less aggressive strategy like calendar spreads, you have more room for error, as you can do well in a flat market. Many spread strategies will make 3-10% per month every month you are right and lose about that much when you’re wrong.

    I’ve never heard of Darlene Nelson. If she can successfully predict a tradeable move by the Cubes in 70% of the time periods covered, then I’d trade options aggressively on her system. Just remember that no move or a small move counts as a loss when you’re counting the score.

  3. muncie birder says:

    Options trading is a two way street. Ask yourself how much can I loose in a week? The answer might be $10,000.

  4. Nishant says:

    Putting $10,000 in options is insane.

    Still QQQQ can be a safe harbour but with limited returns.

    Unless u are trading strictly on technicals or having some insider information. U are set to loose money.

    Still, luck factor is alwas there. My advice, stay away from options, unless and untill u can write options or know how to play covered options.

    NO NAKED playing..:-)

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