Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

If I start a stock trading account with 10 grand is it likely to make 100% profit in 3 months.?

I like it? To do my research? Ny not trade an accident? N s not? nothing. And I never trade a population? No less than 5 d? Dollars

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10 Responses to “If I start a stock trading account with 10 grand is it likely to make 100% profit in 3 months.?”
  1. catlady1715 says:

    probably 0% chance. Usually you double money every 7.2 years

  2. Captaindpsht says:

    if you would have done it 4 months ago yes, you can prolly get a 40% return relatively safely

  3. Steve D says:

    Historically, the market has an average 8% return annually – making 100% in a year is unheard of (research indicates that trying to time the market results in 25% less appreciation then buying and holding). If you are very good, you might be lucky to earn 20% before commissions over the next year.

  4. got it says:

    i’ll go with zero as well. Day trading is a waste, yea we all hear the story of the guy who made a million, the same person always wins in vegas to. Answer this, are you a really lucky person? Invest for the long term – your heading down the wrong road.
    ps – i have been an investor for over 20 years – i”m retired and only 45 – I never made 100% in 3 months.

  5. MVD34 says:


    The stats on trading accounts are very disappointing and something you are never going to see advertised on late night tv.

    Of course it really depends upon what you mean by “trading,” but the bottom line is that regular folks generally do much worse than the S&P500 index once they trade more than once or twice a year. Professionals do a little better in the year over year race, but not much.

    To put it in perspective for you, the very, very best investors (Like Warren Buffet) have AVERAGE ANNUAL returns in the low 20% range…and you can count the billionaires in this category with fingers left over…the super-rich might number a thousand or so worldwide, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they didn’t, either.

    You are asking for a return 19 times greater than the best of the best. Is that at all likely, no. Not at all.

    Crunching the numbers on day traders (those who close out most positions with one trading day) at the other extreme yields the sad sorry fact that anyone who starts with $100,000 or less will be completely wiped out within 18 months. The numbers on $10,000 aren’t even worth discussing.

  6. Doug T says:

    No it just won’t happen. For realistic investment strategies that will provide you with substantial returns on your investments get into funds connected to top performance sectors of the global market place.

  7. zygote222 says:

    Clearly it’s possible to make 100% profit in only three months. You just have to pick the right stock(s). For example, if you had the foresight to invest in Sirius XM radio stock when it hit a low of $.06/share in February and then sold when it reach a high of $.50/share in April, you would have octupled your investment in only two months.

    But your question doesn’t ask whether it’s possible, but whether it’s likely. The answer to that is “no”. Just because you know something about a stock doesn’t mean you have any reliable way to predict whether it will go up 100% in a short time. Nor is staying away from stocks under $5.00 an indication of your investing acumen. Among other things, imposing such a rule on yourself would have prevented you from identifying Sirius XM as a promising investment.

  8. Pro Investor says:

    for experience told me 100% in 3 month is very hard..
    but 30% is ok, if you have 10 grand, do not waste it ,invest it wisely
    The best investment is to invest in FX Funds Group if you would like to make 2% – 15% per month.

    search for FX Funds Group or myfxfunds in google search engine for more information.

  9. Rabbit says:

    Dream on.

    If I put 10 grand in gold, say IAU, and a big earthquake ripped southern California and terrorists nuked Chicago and China suddenly sold all their US Treasury bonds because they called the debt and we wouldn’t pay (not to mention couldn’t pay except with electronically generated dollars, skipping the printing presses because so many were needed), our economy would be in shambles and gold would be 3 or 4k per ounce. Yep, IF all that happened in the next three months and you had 10k in gold today, you could get those triple digit value increases.

    If you don’t know what you are doing and want to do better than old pros, you are smoking something and it ain’t tobacco.

  10. sam says:

    if you want to earn 10times of what you put in within 3-5 years you should invest in (C) stock and also government will never let it fail because it too big to fail

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