Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Interactive Voice Response And You

When I have to ask for repetitions? No one recipe that I call the pharmacy and give my order. Tell me when to be? ready to be picked up and I wonder if the weather is? well. If they want before they tell time. I do this, but I do not talk to one person. I talk to a computer that asks questions like: “? Habr? Something more? S?” This system, known as interactive voice response or IVR has become a daily occurrence in the world of telecommunications. Think of IVR as a voice computer. When a computer has a keyboard to enter information, use, an IVR uses tel? Phones remote commands. When a computer has a screen to display the results, an IVR uses fragments of human voice recordings or a synthesized voice (computerized voice). The recordings are used for repetitive messages, “Thank you for calling the company ‘s ABC. Push one of our sales department. Press two for our service department.” Synthesized voice (also? N called text to speech) is used to read information? N files that contain information? No you can not make fair “sound bites”, as the n? Numbers and dates, e. g. read my electronic mail? incoming unique. All a computer can do, an IVR also? N can – to find the schedules of avi? Calls na m? Vile around an auto dealer? Tico Call Distribution (ACD). La? Unique limitation? N of an IVR is that you can not provide many options in a phone? Phone you can on a screen. The brain of the person calling, just do not agree? m? s of a few. With IVR, you have to present the menus? S in small as, a piece of shell. The benefits of interactive voice response are evident. By automating the extraction? Ny information processing? N by a telephone, you can “give a voice data” and “? Add intelligence to Phone call? Unique.” In doing so, you can put the information? Na work. The IVR cl? Psycho “killer app” has an existing database (for example, files of a journal article? Ass, the system of a company?? A parcel tracking) and makes it available by phone? phone (or other means such as fax, electronic mail? mail, or DORV – Digital Communicable? n simult? line voice and data). You can automate tasks based on the phone? Phone. From the “bank by phone? Phone” to “find my package” to “sell me a ticket avi? N”, to “validate my card credence new”, IVR allows access to information? Ny outlet, will maintain records and make sales 24 hours a d? a – supplementing or standing in humans for the staff. This translates into reductions in personnel costs and allows customers to access the information? N d 24 hours? A – 7 d? As a week. Est companies? N currently using speech-enabled IVR as follows: stock quotes and trade, the formation? N packages, insurance claims, travel reservations, pharmacy prescription refills, the information? N reservation at the restaurant, banking, directory assistance, the administration? n social services delivery by government agencies. IVR for people has become aut? Init.d not realize they are up n talking to a computer.

About the Author John Campbell is a strategic plan? Cal-Partner with Schooley Mitchell Telecom Consultants, the largest independent Am? North America consultant? To telecommunications. john. Campbell @ schooleymitchell. com 902-435-4578 www. schooleymitchell. com / jcampbell


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