Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Interested in trading in stock Market, 19 years old?

I am interested in trading in the stock market. I always had a passion I for the business, and finally to start the negotiation? N acciones.S? I have it a little less than $ 1.000 aside to invest. ? Qu? I do, and d? nde I start? Any suggestions be? To help.


5 Responses to “Interested in trading in stock Market, 19 years old?”
  1. Matt says:

    Best buy

  2. BrianF says:

    Research research research RESEARCH!

    Do your reading, understand what your getting into then open an investing account with your bank or etrade or quest trade.

    From there you need to watch trends and do a lot of reading and as a rule of thumb, do not invest in something you dont understand fully.

  3. bow8810 says:

    long term ticker dre

  4. Al in NC says:

    Research the stock market and stock trading.

    A good website is
    Go to the website, locate the “How To Invest” section on the left side of the screen, and click on “Investor’s Corner”.
    When that screen comes up click on “View Archive”. Read the articles in the archive.

    Another good website is

    When you are ready to start trading stock open an online brokerage account with a firm such as Scottrade.
    NO account maintenance or inactivity fees.
    Free real-time stock quotes and charts.
    Free “GainsKeeper” software for cost basis accounting.
    Free real-time Dow Jones news.
    Excellent trading platforms (very user friendly).
    Excellent research sources.
    Excellent customer service (over 350 Branch offices nationwide).
    Member of SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation).
    Account protection in excess of SIPC.
    $500.00 minimum to open an account.
    $7.00 online trading commission for stock over $1.00 a share.

  5. Powerwave L says:

    you should open an online trading account first. try to compare which one has better deal. I recommend sogotrade if you are beginner. Personally, I think Sogotrade is best among all online brokerages. You can get a lot of free trades: about 100 free trades with 500 minimum deposits. It has very good customer services, it also has live help, and you can chat with representatives about any question. After that, only 3 dollar for each trade, pretty sweet when compared with other online brokerages. Referral code: 453934

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