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International entrepreneur’s decisions are more complex because of:?

Q # 1: international business decisions are more complex due to: A. NegocioB expansion. Information analysis is difícilC Huge. TransaccionesD Complex. incontrolablesQ factors # 2: Which of the following is NOT the problem in the development of different economies developed countries? A. ConocimientoB gap. rendimientoC variable rate. diferentesD accounting system. communication style in mismaQ # 3: When the multiplicity of environments become too complex to handle, international laempresarios often __________.R. Go for fusionesB. DiversificarC. operacionesD decentralize. Sale of the company extranjeraQ # 4: In the stage of the process of assigning the responsibility of the employer follows: A. Highly decision process decentralized decision deproceso B. Some centralization of decision-decisionesC. Highly centralized decision-making process takes DED. No particularQ rule # 5: The following are the types of foreign direct investment except: A. MixtaB Company. ContratosC management. ContratosD management. concentracionesQ # 6: A company that produces ice cream is fused with a cotton spinning company estefusión is an example of: A. ExtensiónB fusion product. fusiónC diversified activities. Market extensiónD fusion. fusiónQ Vertical # 7: Which of the following gives suggestions for new products but also assists Amercan of new products in the marketplace? A. existing products and serviciosB. DistribuciónC channels. Bundeskanzleramt government. The consumidoresQ # 8: Which of the following is important for international business to avoid comerciobarreras? A. proteccionistaB attitude. empresarialC Association. comercioD free areas. None of the options ofrecenQ # 9: Which of the following is NOT a source of idea generation? A. The consumidoresB. stormingC brain. focalesD groups. None of the options ofrecenQ # 10: A patent is granted for a specified period of time because of the assumption A. That during this time the company will cover the costs of desarrolloB. That the company will make a profit during this períodoC enough. To limit the monopoly of the business. This will encourage the idea and developing a better product # 11 Q: Which of the following is not followed by brainstorming? A. The idea is mejorB wild. Criticism is made by members of grupoC. Quantity of ideas is necesarioD. The session should be fun, not to dominate the discusiónQ # 12: Development of a new idea through research and testing is called: A. HeurísticaB. The method científicoC. Forced relaciónD. ValorQ Analysis # 13: The product life cycle begins with what stage of product planning development yproceso? A. review comercializaciónB stage. EtapaC product development. FaseD Marketing. product planning and development process is a part of life cycle productoQ # 14: The evaluation criteria for the new product should include all of the following EXCEPT: A. Determination mercadoB demand. Pricing and marketing policies of other companies competidorasC. Determination of proveedoresD. Product must be profitable # 15 Q: Which of the following is NOT a requirement of disclosure of documents? A. Description invenciónB. InvenciónC photos. Claims for the usefulness of invenciónD. Letter # 16 Q: Which of the following aid to the protection of other decisions, use and sale of innovation identified? A. Utility patenteB. PatentesC Design. PatentesD plant. International patent # 17 Q: Which of the following can not be covered under the protection of copyright? A. InformáticasB applications. Material informáticoC. Poems and sing us. Models and esculturaQ # 18: Licensing is a marketing strategy significantly to: A. Using demásB intellectual property. other patents Pirate ‘C. grow the business in new mercadosD. Cost control # 19 Q: Which of the following is the main problem for the employer elprincipio? A. The lack of experienciaB. The lack of educaciónC. None of the options that caters for. The scarcity of resources # 20 Q: Which of the following is NOT an essential part of the contract? A. All parties involved must be nombradosB. transaction should be described in detalleC. Obtaining the signatures of the persons implicadasD. Place of contract is carried out

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2 Responses to “International entrepreneur’s decisions are more complex because of:?”
  1. Kevin R says:

    Monetary exchange
    Credit problems
    Various product requirements

    Multiplied by the number of markets you enter .

  2. Saghar says:


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