Tuesday, February 24th, 2015


10 Responses to “Interview with a Forex Trader”
  1. thomas52cq says:

    Great Day in the Morning! You go man!

  2. madzane94 says:

    this dude trades with no indicators! (O_O)

  3. yotamhassin says:


  4. Aiwanforyou says:

    be a great? success as a foreign exchange dealer, you must know the combination? n ONLY these four tools, 1. candlestick formation? n2. Bollinger3 bands. ESTOC? stico4. fibonaciestas tools tell you? cu? ndo enter and exit the market.

  5. Aiwanforyou says:

    train your eyes to see the charts for at least 6 months, don’t use stop lose and your target profit must always 3 pips only for every trade.

    recommended for trading the EU or any pairs that has 3 pips spread only.

    only trade when the market is volatile

    i’m a very successful scalper,if you really understand what i’m said just now. money will come to you through forex anytime you need it :)

  6. tradeartist says:

    @ Aiwanforyouesa is a way to do it. generally to obtain at least 50 to 200 PIPS with triumphs the 80-90% and minimum risk to compensate to 01:02. strategy of a man is the madness of another man.

  7. NeroKoso says:

    1200% in 2 months he told me? What risk? all the time. It proves nothing. He said that his capital was low anyway, so it is m? Sf? Riesgo.Me easy to like, I can put 100 d? Dollars and just flipping a coin and put everything and massive profit (or lose it all). ? l is the genius or luck of est? ask. : D

  8. xandras1111 says:

    action? No price is the way forward

  9. xandras1111 says:

    you sound like arnold

  10. madzane94 says:

    I’m 15 and i can trade with no indicators. . . . all i need is trendlines and fib and i’m alright.

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