Monday, January 16th, 2017

Is a Pattern Day Trader trading the same stock four times a week?

I am a bit confused with the constraint? N of pattern? N d Trading? A.Si MSFT buy and sell the same d? A period of four days they followed, I am a trader of d? To the pattern? N. I understand that parte.Sin But what if one day buy MSFT? To and sell it, BBY to d? Next and sell it, ADBE the d? Next? S of it and sell it, etc.? I considered a d? a pattern trader? n? Adem? s, is the same for options?


4 Responses to “Is a Pattern Day Trader trading the same stock four times a week?”
  1. Tim says:

    the big issue with pattern day trading is that you sell something before you actually pay for it and you do it regullarly enought that it is a pattern. It doesn’t matter if it is a differnt stock. It is the trading that matters

  2. tjfinvestor says:

    Depending on the brokerage company a pattern day trader could be exactly as you describe in and out of the same stock the same day and typically more then 3 trades.

  3. Kily says:

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  4. backtofitness says:

    yes and yes.
    You are pattern no matter what stocks you trade . I beleive its 4 trades on the same day in 5 consecutive days not 4.
    Also if you trade options its the same thing.
    I knwo it can be frustrating but I have learned to trade around this,
    meaning buy strength after 3 pm , that way you are not looking to sell immediately.
    DO not buy something which can move very fast in the other direction , like during earnings.

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