Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

Is it possible to gain several hundred %/year investing into individual blue chip stocks by trend following?

I have 18 years and I have an interest in investing in the stock market in blue chip stocks using a variety of investment techniques such as following the trends and buying what I call “sure things” after the investigation. I thought about buying and selling stocks with things such as CFDs, the stakes and options, but I think this is not a game of investing – I am being more realistic about my chances of inversión.Lo I want to know is whether it is possible to re- earn several hundred percent per year compounded by investing in individual stocks of blue chips, and holding onto them while the trend is increasing, following the trend and sell when there rose several percentage points in a month or two? Could this strategy gain several hundred percent per annum? Is it realistic and if not, what is the best strategy in your opinion?

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6 Responses to “Is it possible to gain several hundred %/year investing into individual blue chip stocks by trend following?”
  1. noble8fold says:

    It is possible but very difficult to consistantly buy low and sell high when your doing frequent trades. I would include more stocks than just the blue chip stocks if your interested in trend trading. Many large and small caps are easily traded using trend trading techniques. Small caps traditionally do well while coming out of a recession but make sure the stocks you pick have large or adequate volumes being traded daily so you can sell all your shares when you want to do this. A lot of people are taking profits when they get them now and some people are not into buying and holding long term.

  2. superdadbrad says:

    If would be very difficult to achieve such results with Blue Chip stocks. Blue Chips are not exactly known for sudden and dramatic growth. Steady growth and consistent dividends, Yes. Riches overnight, No.

    tips to making money with stocks:

    For building wealth with Blue Chips, your best bet is with reinvesting the dividends over a long period of time.

    Using dividend stocks for long term investing:

    For huge profits in a short time, penny stocks might a consideration. They can be very risky though.

    tips on penny stocks:

    making fast money with stocks:

  3. gosh137 says:

    Historically, a reasonable gain via investing in blue chip stocks is 10% to 15% per year.
    Whats a better strategy? Read a book about the method Warren Buffett uses. Anyone able to give $30 billion to charity just might have a good plan.

  4. John S says:

    Is it possible? Sure it is. Is it probable? No.
    There’s nothing wrong with your strategy. In fact, trend trading is one of the most widely used trading strategies by many institutional investors.
    It’s just that your expectation on your return is set WAY too high.

  5. richard_hushion23 says:

    I always believe there are 3 things that help in varying degrees to make money in investment/trading …etc. These are Inside information, knowledge (experience) and luck. As you can’t possibly get all these three consistently you cannot guarantee success. However you can endeavour to get as much of each one as you can to be successful.

    Don’t forget spread betting / CFDs are no different from other forms of speculative investing/trading. You have to get one thing right: You have to correctly forecast the right direction of movement in your selected market within a restricted timeframe. The shorter the time frame the less opportunity there is of getting the direction right. I would say; Never think you have cracked it, employ both caution and bravery and read, read, read (maybe that should be read and interpret!).

  6. ThinKabootit says:

    You can realistically (with both really good luck AND hard work) earn 15-18% a YEAR in Blue chips.

    If there were a way to achieve more than that, the economy would suffer runaway inflation and soon collapse…

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