Friday, February 13th, 2015

Is online stock trading accounted for in the social security statement?

Sometimes I get into the operations burs? Helpful in l? Line from my house. I wondered if one take into account gains in profits at the end of a security “or” Is it true? “

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    3 Responses to “Is online stock trading accounted for in the social security statement?”
    1. leonard s says:

      no. not unless you are a stock brokerage company.I have had several clients to have tried to make there stock trade self employment,But the IRS regulations won’t allow it,they are always treated as capital gain and do not count towards your social security

    2. InspectorBudget says:


      Only earned income is counted towards SS benefits.

      I know, you earned the trading profit, but that’s the way the IRS defines it.

      If you declare yourself as a fulltime stock trader, then yes, you may. BUT – you have to pay both the employer & employee portions of Social security tax, PLUS medicare tax.

      Unless you are a very successful trader, you probably don’t make enough to justify claiming your trading profit as earned income.

    3. nirdesh c says:

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