Thursday, November 16th, 2017

is there any good stock trading tool for people having day jobs?

I like it? To do stock trading, but it takes a long time during the day? A. I wonder if there is a stock trading tool good for people with a work of d? To, such as a SMS message to a cell-phone PDA indicating stock tips and points of entry and exit and allow trade is executed with the click of a button? n.gracias, John

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4 Responses to “is there any good stock trading tool for people having day jobs?”
  1. stepup1895 says:

    I suggest you check out

  2. neuregel1 says:

    quit your day job

  3. Thor says:

    Yes, I had text message alerts sent to my cell phone for a while.

    One way is to use limit orders to buy and stop loss orders to sell then it is pre-programmed in a way.

    But that way you can blow through the stops and end up buying what you thought was a good stock at a good price but bad news is tanking it. So you end up buying it on the way down as it falls further.

    These days there are web capable phones. But you still have to find the time to monitor everything.

    Trading is a job. You can’t do two jobs well at the same time.

    Keep your day job and “invest” well, not trade.

    That is my advice for making the most money with the least risk.


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