Monday, March 14th, 2016

Is there any stock trading company that will allow day to day trades without margin?

I need to know if there are any stock trading company that wil allow me to trade day to day without a margin account. I want to buy a stock and sell it again and the next. I can not do with Scottrade because they require that I have in my margin account.

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5 Responses to “Is there any stock trading company that will allow day to day trades without margin?”
  1. Kiker says:

    You don’t need a margin account for day-trading. You WANT a margin account for day trading, since the margin account is what gives you the leverage to avoid the impact of the costs of commissions and fees.

    If you are having problems getting a margin account, you may want to check with options You need a margin account for options trading, and traditionally, options trading is a hotbed market for day traders.

    Good Luck!
    Hope this helped.

  2. Matt K says:

    If you are attempting to trade in a cash account, then there are Federal regulations that restict the timing of those trades. These are not Scottrade’s rules. Any SIPC broker must comply with them.

    If you truly want to daytrade, then yes, you need to open a margin.

  3. Jack V says:

    While you don’t need to have a margin account to day trade, you will be required to have 100% of the purchase price on hand if you are trading simply in a cash account.

  4. Oh Boy! says:

    If you don’t want to use margin then you can buy anything that you can pay for completely.

    Are you asking if someone will let you day trade without ANY money? No one will allow you to do that.

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