Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Is This A New Bull Market – How Long Will The Summer 2010 Rally Last?

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6 Responses to “Is This A New Bull Market – How Long Will The Summer 2010 Rally Last?”
  1. forexyard says:

    great techn analysis on the SPX

  2. me2995 says:

    The problem with WallstreetWindow is they try to predict the market, and not trade what they see. Talking months and months on how the stock market will do from September to the end of the year, while missing all the great current moves. Making his service more expensive, while not investing a single penny in creating a descent forum (and website) for their members, even when almost everyone is complaining about the anno 1990 website and functionalities.

  3. ziggy323 says:

    @jocknomore “No End In Sight For Bull Market” -Mike Swanson (04/26/10)

  4. pig5689 says:

    Rally? Market’s going “sideways”, huh? The market was destroyed today. Erased all gains for the year. Is that “sideways”? Giving suckers bad advice on how to gamble on Blackjack at the NYSE Casino? For two-years now, lazy, greedy investors, bank & Wall Street execs have wiped out the life savings & incomes of millions of innocent, hard-working families just to fuel their lust for cash & power. Bunch of fancy-pants graphs-worthless. Market will drop over 9,500 points by next year & close at 500.

  5. culturehorse says:

    Mike! Great update. Good as it gets. Thanks.

  6. jocknomore says:

    Timely call!

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