Saturday, March 11th, 2017

iTrade Overview – Virtual Stock Trading for the iPhone

iTrade is a new iPhone application from Neon Surge that is a virtual stock trading platform. We give users 100K and let you trade stock on the actual stock market. You have a simple and innovative interface using the iPhone to find stocks and manage your portfolio. Compete against friends, and the rest of the world. Ever been afraid of trading stock, or never had any money to invest? Here’s a great way to get started! See the top scores, and more details at and our website at!

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25 Responses to “iTrade Overview – Virtual Stock Trading for the iPhone”
  1. p2sredeemer says:

    Join bullgates

  2. p2sredeemer says:

    Can every1 join the club bullgates.
    Thank you

  3. sharkfriend says:

    he WTF man,today when I bought100.000k MTG stocks on iTrade for$8.86per stock,it dropped(acceptionally)to$8.71before the sun seemed to go shining.I sold it at $8.96, wich is about 1,3-1,4 % proffits, but iTrade SAID I SOLD IT FOR $8.79!!!
    iTRADE SAID IT WAS 8.96(what it also was), I SOLD THEM, AND IT SAID I SOLD THEM WITH LOSS: 8.79…NOT 8.96!
    WTF,man,can somebody explain me what happened, maybe I made a mistake (my calculations show I didn`t but iTrade did). Tell me who/what or i`ll rate -1!

  4. oosh79 says:


  5. oosh79 says:


  6. oosh79 says:


  7. oosh79 says:


  8. merragspy says:

    cool i realy liket iam gana have one soon

  9. itomextreme says:

    This app is amazing, especially for the price.. I can’t believe people can find negative things about this one!

  10. thekidzcorner says:

    how do you take a high quality video of this ipod?

  11. Picapacapopo says:

    iTrade or iPSX?

  12. Crazyglues says:

    meaning in real life you will not get all your shares at that price….

    Also this app does not have a lot of stocks that are in the market…. (so not really true to life)

    -but to it’s credit it is easy to use and has a really nice slider so you don’t have to calculate the amount of shares you need to buy

    -wish real trading apps were that easy.

    It’s a cool app, but if you really want to learn about trading start with an investment book first.

    This is fun for just playing around…

  13. Crazyglues says:

    Actually no this is not good for someone learning to trade, one because this is not how trading actually works in real life….

    -for example in real life if you buy a stock and sell it and make a profit you have to wait -day of the trade and 3 days for the profits to clear before you can re-invest it..

    In this you can just trade all day with the full amount including profits… Also in real life when you try to buy this many shares the price could have gone up or down by the time you execute

  14. pokerkamalpoker says:

    This is really smart for someone who wants to learn trading or is a begginer!

  15. ChesterDoraemon says:

    useless… this is coming from a real trader.

  16. Crazyglues says:

    Wow this is pretty cool… I like it..

  17. agthorn says:

    Looks good. Would like to compete with a few people that don’t have iPhones Is that at all possible?

  18. fujitsul says:

    Hey Join Danish Traders, if you are danish!

  19. konnaluck says:

    Ty for good App

  20. Quannah07 says:

    I need investing friends!
    Help me!

  21. Stiles1234 says:

    Great app. I really enjoy it. is there any chance of you making an app for the Forex market?

  22. thenavido says:

    it would be great, if included companies from other stock markets, like Australia

  23. RileysWill says:

    You should add a option to reset your account but put a timer on it like only one a week or something , also sort options

    Great app I love it

  24. neilbaru says:

    Thanks……could you please upload a complete virtual trading of a stock

  25. IamTheiPhone says:

    AAH! Confusing but fun.

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