Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

July 10, 09: Stock Trading Technical Analysis The markets continue to bore even the most engaged trading enthusiast. We’re all waiting patiently for the next move. this video shares my thoughts on the move. This video explores POT, BAC and UNG.

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2 Responses to “July 10, 09: Stock Trading Technical Analysis”
  1. prince0427 says:

    I’m also waiting on the backtest.. I cleared almost all my positions leaving ARW long and CBRL short and XRM as my lottery play long I entered yesterday with a very small position..

  2. maximumvalues says:

    D7, based on historical options action i believe we end up higher next Friday than where we closed today. however, all my indicators including crossing averages, RSI, MACD say the next move is lower. possibly we get a whip lower to 864 based on EWT counts and then enjoy a steady climb up after GS reports before market open on Tuesday. im short ASH NTES ODFL decent sizes along with a number of smaller longer term positions. many times when the 20/40ma cross you will see a test shortly after

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