Thursday, July 14th, 2016

July 12, 09 : Stock Trading Weekend Edition This week ended down for the major indexes making lower highs and lower lows putting the bears in control. This video reviews the daily, weekly and monthly charts on the $SPX, $COMPQ, and the $RUT.

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2 Responses to “July 12, 09 : Stock Trading Weekend Edition”
  1. maximumvalues says:

    dont want you to think im bearish on the market for the week . trade FORD monday only. expecting a very slight up week. we cant have so many down weeks in a row and i see OPEX upward pressure starting pre-market tuesday but im not betting my house on the upside. im just going to get out of shorts at the lows Monday. MY EW count points to 864 before a bounce and it is interesting to hear you poing to the 20wk ma at 863.

    good luck trading D7.

  2. maximumvalues says:

    —- FORD —- ive been keeping a fairly close eye on this one. the 20ma is just below the 40ma and the MACD just crossed the zero and the RSI back tested 50 and the HS pattern is there. im going to try and enter short Monday.

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