Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

July 14, 09: Stock Trading Technical Analysis The markets push upward again, but have still not made it to the blue trendline. There is a good possibility that Wednesday will be bullish—depending on how the market digests the CPI report due out premarket.

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2 Responses to “July 14, 09: Stock Trading Technical Analysis”
  1. maximumvalues says:

    HEAD AND SHOULDERS. as recent as three weeks ago i bet HS pattern in oil. it faked out below necklined… rallied back above and retraced 50% of the head and then tanked. this happens more often than not with this pattern so getting back above the neckline for a few days does not negate the HS. id be worried if we retrace more than 50% or to 915. good luck trading.

  2. maximumvalues says:

    — 909 — this is where i have my line drawn and from what we saw AH today we can expect this to be hit early tomorrow. what happens next? im thinking we trade flat to FRIDAY or slightly lower. however, im short 3 key stocks from today and day trading AIG. PCLN ASH ODFL(this one performed today)

    INTC ……. whoa… im going to short this 14minutes after the market opens and use a tight stop. this usually works on emotionally charged stocks with little substance backing the price.

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