Thursday, October 5th, 2017

July portfolio made 10.5%

July was another good month we had despite market downturns.

Four weeks in a row stock market was down, yet our option strategies were making money. We had one trade that lost money when the stock violated Technical conditions and was closed. Since this week the market has taken off again and may go higher.  The market did not breakdown below 200 day average and that avoided a loss on our RUT positions. There were times when I was ready to close it when RUT hit 470 and and was hanging by a thread. Here is the run down.


  • Bidu Trade  Net profits         =  $120            6000             2.1%           
  • GOOG   Trade   Net Loss      =   <$392>       1000        – 36.10%             
  • RUT Trade  Net profits         = $   650        10,000            6.50 %                    
  • AAPL  Trade Net profits up   = $ 1020          6800           15.11%           
  • GS Trade   Net profits           = $ 1650          6000           27.500%            

                                Total  Gains    = $3048     $ 29,800 Margin 10.2 %  Returns


IF you are sitting on the sidelines and wondering how to make consistent income streams, come join us and start making money like we have in the past few months. In addition earning season is here, and we are playing Speculative trades on $GOOG $IBM $AAPL and many others.


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