Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

July Portfolio up 9.5%

We have 2 more days to end this expiration cycle. Our last trade on RUT should expire worthless if all goes well. We have closed all other trades with a nice profitable month. The July portfolio is is up 9.5% so far and with the RUT trade finishing this week it should raise the final numbers a bit more.

This has been no easy month to chew. With SPX and RUT declining for 4 consecutive weeks and about 5% to 6% roughly, its a miracle we pulled this off so nicely. GOOG trade was closed, when GOOG violated its 50 day moving average and closed below 400 for the first time since March 2009. Its a loser -and you will have losers no matter what we do- one or two trades every month will fall of the wagon.

We are mostly in cash looking for new opportunities for the month of August. In fact the markets have a dull downward bias in the absence of bulls not stepping in. But when the markets get over sold there is always this sharp rally to the upside and if this time SPX does not clears its resistances, you can bet we are going down again. But this type of market is not last year straight down with high volatility, its a slow grind for both sides as they compete and swallow each other and a war of attrition.

IF you are sitting on the sidelines and wondering how to make consistent income streams, come join us and start making money like we have in the past few months. Earning season is here, and we are playing speculative trades on $GS $GOOG $IBM and many others. These are one day hit or miss vehicles and can be very profitable indeed when properly executed. This is also an Options expiration week so look out. Caution required.


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  1. Interesting article. I purchased a wine stock back in November 2008 for $2.00 & now it’s reached $3.30. Warren Buffet’s books I’ve use have helped me alot as well as my quantative investment classes I’ve already taken.

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