Thursday, December 28th, 2017

June 14, 09: Weekend Edition Stock Market This is nearly a 10min stock trading video reviewing the daily, weekly and monthly chart of the $SPX. In this trading vid you will see more advanced technical analysis than usual. Get out your note pad and take good notes.


7 Responses to “June 14, 09: Weekend Edition Stock Market”
  1. rsunderwood02 says:

    Thanks for your analysis!

  2. kouznetsov says:

    The D-master! seeing the flow of price as it happens.. Great job!!

  3. 3dbeing says:

    Alt-A and Option ARM resets are pretty bearish too…

  4. nnossov says:

    but you are using June candlestick while june is not over yet. I am not sure if it can be used?

  5. Schweizer135 says:

    Put the 200 month MA on the $INDU. that tells the story of resistance!

  6. prince0427 says:

    Good point, but the month is far from over so I usually ignore the current month’s candle when doing candlestick analysis on the monthly chart.
    However I also think this is indeed a bear pullback that was due to happen at some point. Only thing is, noone expected it to be so big.

  7. badboyardiedem says:

    great stuff , thanks alot
    i think i will join your crew
    cya later next week,

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