Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Just was after some advice on investing. Margin lending with a managed fund or investing myself?

S? What was next? S of a board of investors? N. Margin credence with investment funds? N managed or myself? Hi I have recently been in contact with St. George and have a strategy together for me? the pr? stamos margin in a managed fund. I am using 10,000 of my own and 10000 of the pr? Stamos and I have to pay 8. 10% variable rate. I’ve been told I can expect returns of 10-11%. ? Is this return Achieve a managed fund or if I’ll be better the election? No 3 or 4 populations of s? Lido and the purchase of m? S actions on a regular basis and do it myself to keep long term without borrow money. I have no experience in the trade to share what I thought? MANAGING margin? n pr fund? Stamo extraordinary choice be? to a good start, but I o? do cr? do practices varied. Any help would be? Very appreciated. I’m in Australia.

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2 Responses to “Just was after some advice on investing. Margin lending with a managed fund or investing myself?”
  1. Almost freeee says:

    I say avoid borrowing money at all costs. if you don’t have the money yourself, don’t do it then, wait until you do. Taking a risk with borrowed money is not smart.

    I’m thinking about buying gold myself. I hear it’s gonna go through the roof in the next year or two. But i will do it only with my own money.

  2. Matthew O says:

    Sounds like a scam. You, having no extensive knowledge of margin trading, would be better off staying away from leveraging any positions, whether managed or not. Anytime you hear a prediction on the rate you should expect, expect they are using your inexperience against you. After expenses, including margin interest, you will most likely have nothing near that 10-11% ROI. Look into indexing until you get more money, after that, then you can look into individual equity trading; however, your idea of buying more shares on a regular basis to employ dollar cost averaging is flawed unless you pay no commission charges. That usually works best with no load, no transaction fee mutual funds. If you are questioning what you were told by the person you spoke with, look for a fee based financial planner that is a Certified Financial Planner.

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