Sunday, June 26th, 2016

Live Day Trading in Stocks in NYSE and Nasdaq Part 2 Day trading in stocks is both risky and difficult. Please consult your financial advisor before attempting to trade actively. TodayTrader is not responsible for any content that may be viewed on this channel. These videos are not meant to be recommendations in the market. Day trading equities requires a retail account balance of at least $25000 and must remain at or above this level to trade stocks actively. This website is not a solicitation to buy or sell securities, options, or futures. The purpose of this content is educational only.


25 Responses to “Live Day Trading in Stocks in NYSE and Nasdaq Part 2”
  1. PKR2010 says:

    why dont u lie?

  2. ech77066 says:

    I used your system and found it works equally well with options. Thanks, had a VERY good day!

  3. Moneymax3001 says:

    How do you report all those trades on your taxes, I have traded frequently for about 6 years and every year was a PAIN to write up all those trades on my tax return. moneymax3001 (Youtube, Yahoo, Ebay, and many other places on the web)

  4. JKDM08 says:

    Nice vids! I am *trying to learn how the market works right now but I don’t know much about what day traders do, and this made it pretty clear!

  5. bigleroygym says:

    I’m not sure…i think stocks are some kind of a dessert treat..

  6. YourStockSource says:

    The market presents HUGE opportunity for investors to buy, especially in the Penny Stock Market. YourStockSource(dot)com can pick winners for you – tell you what to bid and when! You can get rich in this market. We have the secrets!

  7. Aboutimeninja says:

    Hello, I`m a day-trader from Israel only been doing it for a few monthes, my first impression was that you traded a lot of symbols on that Friday.
    I`ll read more about your service its intresting.

  8. Arkansas2554 says:

    why cant i see the video

    wanting new friends Vu

  9. vaco2221 says:

    Nice MA cross up on HAL and HOKU!!!

  10. Magoogam08 says:

    hey can u MSG me on MSN. ID is in my profile. C

  11. alextan94 says:

    what are stocks?

  12. sgomez858 says:

    Thanks for your kind words. If he wanted to try our service for a day I would be happy to refund his money if he thought it was a waste of his resources. If so, he would be the first.

  13. DayTrader74 says:

    My msg was for laggalot…

  14. DayTrader74 says:

    Why don’t you take their day service and see if its real or not without running down the service, hey you might even make up the money you spend for the day serivce.
    These guys are honest, if they were sleazy they would not even let a negative comment be published.

  15. evoroxxor says:

    ok, i see what your saying ok… yes i would say your right but the word lure is wrong more like advertising their service. Lure sounds like they are out to con u with a boggus service which it isnt.

  16. laggalot says:

    Did you NOT just say that “Since you JOINNED their service” ? That means that THE VIDEOS are meant to LURE CUSTOMERS into there service. How you did not understand that I have no idea.

  17. evoroxxor says:

    sales pitch??? what am i selling?

  18. laggalot says:

    OH, I get it. It is a sales pitch to get me to join a paid service. Gorrilla Trades only shows WINNING TRADES TOO.

  19. mikegmi2 says:

    i dont know if you just stumbled upon these videos recently or what, but these guys are really the ONLY guys out there that i can actually say i trust. they’ve shown several losing days/trades…including the HGSI trade where steve got smoked pretty bad. it was entertaining though…risky being in those little $5 stocks.

  20. Oilcurls says:

    I don’t mind whether I’m “taken”, “hit” or whatever…as long as it’s bringing in some profit…lol. I’m more interested in the mechanics of trading than the terminology.

  21. sgomez858 says:

    It is a Slow Stochastic for overbought/oversold conditions.

  22. MeLikeGoFast says:

    What is the indicator you have about the volume bars?

  23. nickrock23 says:

    dude when you offer stock and get filled, you get “taken”. when you bid and get filled, you get “hit”. you say it opposite

  24. birdwk says:

    Andy showed his monthly profit in an earlier video to quell comments from people. Unless he doctored it(which I’m sure he didn’t) the results were might impressive.

  25. evoroxxor says:


    I have been on Todaytraders service for the last 3 months every day. I watch Andy’s desktop in real time and i can assure you both andy and steve are genuine day traders. Further more since i started on there service i am now doing better than i ever imagined. I have just handed my notice into my normal job.

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