Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Live Day Trading – Scalping Profits Video #1 Live intraday stock trading tutorial video that shows real-time trades by Mitch King, including entry/exit points and actual profits.

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7 Responses to “Live Day Trading – Scalping Profits Video #1”
  1. physics2112 says:

    I wish I had that sophisticated software.

  2. frequenceez says:


  3. wtfhej says:

    hey man, looks good, what program are you using?

  4. wendy2212 says:

    how much money do you have?

  5. momentum409 says:

    good stuff

  6. automaticAEV says:

    i was thinking pbw for tommorrow it is 9.23. support 8.78 pivot point 9.23 resistance 9.68. what do you think?

  7. automaticAEV says:

    first dont you need to know what stockto buy? What stock would that be any random one or what?

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