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Live Online Stock Trading – Day Trading Live August 8 2007

Harvey Walsh of trades Nasdaq stocks live. See how to make money daytrading

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25 Responses to “Live Online Stock Trading – Day Trading Live August 8 2007”
  1. eddyvideostar says:


    “Lightspeed” is a good brokerage for drastically reduced commission costs.

    Good day.

  2. harveywalsh says:

    There are positives and negatives for spread betting, but overall, they offer a good cheap way to get started. Discount brokers like Interactive Brokers charge tiny %, so costs are minimal – almost insignificant.

  3. revtrader says:

    Good afternoon Harvey, as its after 11am I am not expecting a responce ;-)but I have a couple of Q’s… How would you rate using spread betting service as opposed to a Brokerage as you do? Also getting in and out of trades so quickly do your brokerage costs go sky high? Please could you let me know which brokerage firm you use.
    Cheers fella.

    PS please keep up great work!!

  4. jleal02 says:

    Harvey, please don’t stop!! Your videos are great and highly educational, so please carry on. If you have videos on your style of trading please let me know!!! Awesome work Sir please keep on with your live on trading!!!

  5. Trader7of9 says:

    Good videos – would really love it if you could put volume on the screen as well!

  6. quickturtle says:

    Great video

  7. Aquaplex21 says:

    Great vid as always Harvey. Thoroughly enjoy watching and learning from your material. I hope you continue with your videos in the future with a bit more frequency. :)

  8. wolfgangklimpel says:

    Dear Harvey!

    Your videos are wonderful! They show that making profits daytrading doesn´t have to keep a mystery or mere question of luck!

    All the best!


  9. trader2be says:

    Just out of curiosity, what system do you use for paper trading?

  10. trader2be says:

    Harvey – this is excellent material and it beautifully illustrates your training ebooks. Please keep them coming!

  11. eastcobbstables says:

    Great Job! What ema do you use? nice to see people like you help others. Your a good man!!!

  12. abnme says:

    I bought your course last week and I’m going through it now. Watching you live, really illustrates your technique – please keep it up! I started paper trading last week. In three days of trading, I’m up about $500 – only a couple of losses on trades. So far, so good, I haven’t gotten all the way through the course yet, but I’m sure once I do, my results will improve. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

  13. worshipjesus1 says:

    keep up the good work on videos

  14. harveywalsh says:

    Hi – check volume 2 pages 40-44 which detail the several different off-chart indicators used.

  15. Carterofmars says:

    Ok… that’s what I thought… Thanks.

  16. harveywalsh says:

    The stocks are selected using the exact technique I teach in volume 2 of the course manuals.

  17. pinopan says:

    Haryey, your trading style is perfect. I appreciate very much watching your videos having already studied your e-books: they give me the evidence that in a close future maybe I will be able to do it as well!!
    please don’t stop!
    p.s. could you give us some more info on how you have selected the stocks you’re trading

  18. Carterofmars says:


    In the begining of the VID, you mention that the EMA wasn’t the primary reason you picked this stock to trade… you mention that there was another off the chart indicator that you gave more weight too. can you say what that off the chart indicator is. You can PM me if you want on this question… I’ve bought the course and it is excellent people… Thanks harvey.

  19. xXR1PPERXx says:

    good work mate

    markets going wild- i don’t touch indicies kill me every time

    all the very best to all traders

  20. mike3m1 says:

    i think you are doing a great job showing people how you trade.
    keep up the good work.
    thanks mike

  21. mswguitar says:

    Hi Harvey, please keep posting the videos. I went through your course and just started paper trading 3 days ago. These videos have been very helpful since I can see the things you watch for. My first 2 days trading weren’t so good but I made 4 winning trades today and netted a point and a half. Can’t wait to try again tomorrow! Thanks and keep up the good work!

  22. robkim55 says:

    very eductional lovely made some nice profit

  23. kennjw says:

    I new here…having a hard time understanding what you’re saying…Help!

  24. Carterofmars says:

    I have to look into tsim… GREAT Instruction from Harvey people!

  25. mikilliams says:

    Excellent video as usual Harvey. Very much enjoy watching them, gives me the motivation to keep going on the trading front. Keep up the good work.

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