Friday, April 3rd, 2015

Live Online Stock Trading – Day Trading Live Jan 22nd 2008

Harvey Walsh of trades Nasdaq and NYSE stocks live. See how to make money daytrading

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7 Responses to “Live Online Stock Trading – Day Trading Live Jan 22nd 2008”
  1. mikisito1 says:

    Thanks for the Video Harvey. And I’m sure it’s appreciated by all that even though it was going to be a day of massive ranges and money making ( and loosing opportunities) you took the time to record your session. 500 points and a video in 2 hours!!

  2. thegoose7777 says:

    Hey Harvey. Great video. I recently bought your course. Very simple and to the point!!! I started noticing patterns that I didn’t see before your course. Now I see your entry points. Stick to the rules!! LOL. Thank you sir.

  3. harveywalsh says:

    Hi, I don’t discount, if my course is too expensive then frankly, day trading is not for you.

  4. agentvictory says:

    You have more Nasdaq trade vs NYSE. Any reason why? Would you be running any discount on your system soon? I noticed you have a Members Only Video Area, are they update daily?

  5. grpeto says:

    one of the best videos.

  6. sgomez858 says:

    Nice trading. Good job.

  7. mswguitar says:

    Awesome video! I’m a bit curious as to what signaled your entry for APPL. I didn’t recognize any particular pattern there. Thanks again for another great video!

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