Thursday, January 5th, 2017


13 Responses to “Live Online Stock Trading – Day Trading Live January 15th”
  1. semp223 says:

    Harvey, I’m being very astute with this practice. I am currently studying the forex through topgun software as well as your day trading materials for stocks. Thanks for not letting the money go to your head and talking to us.

  2. edgqi says:

    thanks for all the new material harvey. its greatly appreciated

  3. DayTrader74 says:

    Great videos Harvey, and the course is brilliant. Keep up the good work

  4. Carterofmars says:

    As always. Very Awesome, very informative. Just a note here, Harvey offers a subscription which contains even better videos. If your serious about trying this, it’s well worth the price. prob what you’d spending on a nice nite out with the little lady.

  5. alirezha says:

    thanx for the vid. i enjoyed the member part of vid as well….i recommend the books for every one…

  6. acsanler says:

    Thanks for the new video! I enjoyed your course very much, it’s easy to read and very straight forward.

  7. cmgenerals says:

    Thanks for the course update Harvey, It is certainly worth more than you’ve priced it up for..

  8. gcr1968 says:

    Thanks again for the terrific video. I am very grateful for the nice updated manuals you delivered at Christmas. (Nice gift) I especially enjoyed the accompaning videos that were clear and concise in explaining the in’s and out’s of the more difficult parts of trading. Great work!

  9. mikisito1 says:

    Great video Harvey and all the trades to the letter as per the course. You can watch the vids but you need the course to understand the hows and why the trades are traded as you do. Daytrading Freedom is just that….instead of spending hours and hours analysing and wasting my time on futures chatboards I am now free, free from 90% of my stress and free to do more interesting things in the 22hrs of the day I don’t need to trade to live. Thanks

  10. mswguitar says:

    Great video, thanks again Harvey! I traded a couple of these shares as well thanks to your course. The market has been choppy the last few days but today was a great day for shorts. Looking forward to the next one!

  11. harveywalsh says:

    Apologies for the sound quality on this video – the cat ate the microphone (again!) so I have to use the built in one, which isn’t great. Normal service will be resumed next time πŸ™‚ Harvey.

  12. 27) Niemand ist perfekt und jeder Mensch macht Fehler.


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