Friday, November 13th, 2015


24 Responses to “Live Online Stock Trading – Day Trading Live June 13”
  1. javasdwer says:

    May i know where i can get a stock screener to monitor the market?

  2. 1wolfwave says:

    i like your style,i feel theres more going on with extra moniters. i see your human, cause a position didn’t work,which happens.looking forward to more.

  3. kaylon99 says:

    Thats funny – I’m Swiss and I never had any problems understanding any english accents (although I must say I like british-english a LOT more!) Great videos BTW, hope there is more on the way….

  4. thebestonlinesurveys says:

    hmmm nice…

    videos such as this are an inspiration when I make my own videos

  5. jleal02 says:

    The program or platform is called esignal.

  6. kellyfortune says:

    I think its e-signal charting, zobor.

  7. jleal02 says:

    I have no trouble with accents. I hate racism!!! I am Mexican myself so I know how that feels. Harvey, please don’t take that personal. Please continue your work for those of us that are studying your courses!

  8. honestmarc says:

    Thanks for this very helpful videos. Excellent.

  9. kellyfortune says:

    that’s funny.Americans often have trouble understanding the british accent. They think we all speak like the queen or maybe hugh Grant or something, lol. Wait until you hear someone with a thick scouser accent. Sounds like he’s from south London at a guess. loving the videos.

  10. novoare says:

    That’s funny, so we sound like that to you too.

  11. harveywalsh says:

    That’s fair enough – I have a hard time understanding Americans so I can sympathise with the problem.

  12. novoare says:

    I can’t understand that british accent. Sounds like he’s eating and drunk while talking.

  13. harveywalsh says:

    Hi, I run esignal on my macbook pro laptop. It runs inside Parallels.

  14. jjazz22 says:

    Harvey, I’ve got an equipment question for you. According to Esignal’s website, it only runs on PC. However I see you pulling up a Safari window briefly to show the time in New York and in the other video where you show your setup, it’s a small Macbook or Powerbook. My question is, how are you getting esignal to run on a Mac? VERY educational videos by the way!

  15. activecard says:

    Excellent video1

  16. harveywalsh says:

    The fill price I report back is the average. Normally I get filled at market without any trouble, but sometimes the fill will be over a couple of cents.

  17. coconuttoastspread says:


    Thank you for the thorough response. Your attention to those who pose inquiries is greatly appreciated! Your regular orders of filling 1000 shares appear to be done at the market price. If this is so, how is it that your fills are so timely and you avoid getting jerked around on price? In my experience, an order to buy even 100 shares at the market…well, let’s just say the market makers have a little fun with me. Any insight you can provide here would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  18. harveywalsh says:

    I don’t use, or teach, level 2. It adds an un-necessary layer of complication. I prefer to keep things simple and stress free.
    There are many ways round the 25k thing – email me and we can discuss if you like (harvey AT day-trading-freedom DOT com)

  19. kellyfortune says:

    Do you use a level 2 scren to time your entries Harvey? ps. big fan of yours. Would love to attempt take the same route as you but have nowhere near the 25k required to be able to pattern day trade :(.

  20. harveywalsh says:

    Well the feeds all come from the same exchanges ultimately, the broker only routes them. So unless they really mess something up, there’s not a lot to go wrong and little difference between them. Personally I’ve never had any problem with IB, and many of my students happily use them to.

  21. coconuttoastspread says:

    Harvey, question:

    In your experience as a professional day trader where timing of execution is everything, which brokers provide you with the best data feeds? I see you made mention of IB, how do they fare as well? Thank you.

  22. harveywalsh says:

    AAPL came up in my pre-market stock selection, along with a number of others.
    I use a few brokers, mostly IB.

  23. texas7733 says:

    If you don’t mind, could you let us know which account you are using? Thank you.

  24. mrbeanbag says:

    You sound very relaxed this time! What attracted you to AAPL today? It is always a top volume stock anyway, so how is it different today? Thanks.

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