Thursday, February 2nd, 2017


18 Responses to “Live Online Stock Trading – Day Trading Live September 13th”
  1. transwired says:

    What is the best trading software for NASDAQ and NYSE?

  2. cwwiss says:

    I look forward to buying your videos when you have added the new ones containing your thoughts on setup for a trade,stock selection and detailed off chart indicators.
    Am in the process of opening an IB account and TSIM sub so will be ready very soon to start paper trading.
    From watching all your vids on u-tube I managed to take advantage of the recent drop (19th oct 2007) using my SB account…cheers I owe you one.

  3. tj7729 says:

    Harvey, thanks for the hard work doing those videos. I bought the course and now am trying to do what you’ve said. I appreciate the format of the course because it allows quick reference to parts I need to re-read. The mentality is the hardest part for me. I’m amazed at how emotional I can be…couldn’t even trade at all Friday because I was too unwilling to risk even a loss….and that could’ve been one of the greatest days ever. Keep up the good work.

  4. pro1981 says:

    Fantasic Videos Hearvey, i think i’ve watched them all …i look forward to getting your course after i get some bills out of the way hehe, Keep up the great work and happy trading all.

  5. harveywalsh says:

    @N78n – too much comment spam on the blog, hence no comments. Re: IB – that minimum is for introducing brokers (agents), doesn’t apply to traders.

  6. Povse1980 says:

    nice one Harvey, love your video’s and your course… It helped me a lot.

  7. N78n says:

    Great videos Harvey, thanks for putting them up. Why not enable commenting on your site too?

    I`m in Europe, but looking for an US-broker for trading NYSE/NASDAQ.

    I found the following on the IB-site: “Introducing Brokers Commissions Minimums

    A commission minimum of USD 2,000 (or equivalent) per month will be applied. ”

    Sounds like they will charge you $2000 per month even if you`re only papertrading? If so can anyone suggest a good broker to start out with?

  8. harveywalsh says:

    Hi, all off-chart indicators are explained in volume two of the course.

  9. harveywalsh says:

    Paper trading first is essential – you get to make all your rookie mistakes for free! I know some trader say it’s a waste of time, but fact is if you cant do it on paper, you cant do it for real.

  10. Carterofmars says:

    I Traded that day using the corse and with the Pre-Market found QCOM, Following The course I entered QCOM a cent later then Harvey and made profit (Granted not as much as Harvey) but came away with some dough in he bank anyway. Listen, this isn’t a walk in the park, but with dedication and attention to detail, it can be done.

  11. kneedragger says:

    Harvy, do you think paper trading helps or hurts learning. I have been using Think or Swim’s software for the past week or so and doing well with it. Not at all ready to use the real deal, but just learning how things work better. Got a few books to finish first.

  12. trader2be says:

    Harvey – could you please provide some additional information in your videos as to ‘why’ you are entering those trades ‘when’ you do – that would be very valuable information. Also could you please let me know what indicators you use in addition to the candle stick charts to make your decision.
    Thanks! (by the way I loved your course)

  13. harveywalsh says:

    Yes I am. I had a number of emails yesterday from other folks who picked the same stocks as me by using my method. You can always email me if you need help with anything in the course.

  14. evoroxxor says:

    I traded that same day and followed the pre-market as stated in your course and i came up with none of those stocks. Are you still following what it says in your course with regard to stock picks?

  15. harveywalsh says:

    Yes, I prefer to get it done early and have the rest of the day left to do more interesting things.

  16. bigajosep says:

    haha still on vocation eh?

  17. tradingbr says:

    you only trade the first two hours?

  18. thespenc says:

    Great inspirational trades . Love your style and the 1000 share trades make it nice to get in and get out keep it simple. The trading your doing is what i aspire to do someday.

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