Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Live Trading Fibonacci Retracements

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4 Responses to “Live Trading Fibonacci Retracements”
  1. BillyFeynman says:

    @Mackoek It looks like Infinity Futures AT platform.

  2. Paulwhiteshark says:

    I found this great site they post free signals rocket-forexsignalsdotblogspotdotcom
    you make 600pips/month in average

  3. laton2010 says:

    fibo does not work like the rest of indicators they lagg , fibonacci is inconstant, you may find 61.8% but thereis no garantee from that you will enter and make at least more profits than stop losses in a row. for this reason i am out of all of this videos strategies using indicators

  4. Mackoek says:

    Hih, what platform/broker do u use?

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