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Make Money Day Trading – Live DayTrading – 9th May

Harvey Walsh of day trades Nasdaq and NYSE stocks live. 9th May 2007.


9 Responses to “Make Money Day Trading – Live DayTrading – 9th May”
  1. semp223 says:

    Love the vids.

  2. masterans says:


  3. oscillator says:

    “Only” $1100 for 2 hour’s work. You poor thing.

  4. mrbeanbag says:

    Also, if you have an IB account it’s easy to scan for stocks that are moving using market scanner pages. I usually have five scan pages – each one has a different set of critera, however you will often find that a handful of stocks show up on all those scanner and those are the ones to be watching. For example today is Thursday the 17th of May and I’ve been watching ACXM T NEM ACXM (whipsaw ouch!) CTRP DAL etc. There are many more but most of us only have two eyes.

  5. harveywalsh says:

    alirezha – the scanners I used are all listed in the course manuals – check page 20 of volume 2. The full pre-market research is also covered in volume 2.
    Cheers, Harvey.

  6. alirezha says:

    Mr. Walsh,

    I was woundering and many of my friends on the net if you can post a video working on your pre-market research and stock picking. some of us who have bought your books didnt find any mention about the free scanner u use usually from the net. we were kind of hoping to find it in your books. I know you love to help starters to stand on their feet. so we will appreciate it if you can do the videos.

  7. harveywalsh says:

    continued…. Yes I worked 9-5 for many years, but never again. Trading is a skill that once you have it, allows you to earn decent money from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
    I used Time and Sales to judge momentum, and that combined with a number of other indicators (not on-chart) confirms entries. Time and sales shows every trade that takes place…thats powerful information.

  8. harveywalsh says:

    I use a number of brokers, including IB. Funds are always available immediately the trade is closed. Also note that buying $13000 worth of shares does not require $13k in an account, using margin you only need a quarter of that.

  9. mrbeanbag says:

    I think the funds are available immediately if the broker is any good. You don’t need much to start with brokerage being next to nothing these days, and you can buy in very small amounts if you wish. Why not start with say $2,3,4,5 thousand and just trade 100 shares each time (depending on share price)? Good way to start without facing much loss.I’d like to know which broker Harvey uses and how he interperets time and sales data. It just seems like a bunch of flashing lights to me.

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